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Oasis OS is a unified operating system and middleware platform of H3C for IoT. It has the key capabilities of security, lightweight, low power consumption, real-time, fast, open and interconnection. Oasis provides a one-stop integrated software platform for developers, effectively reduces the development threshold and greatly shortens the development cycle. Oasis OS can be used in smart hardware in the fields of smart city, industry, agriculture, campus, healthcare, wearable and so on, thus forming a unified data format to upload to the Oasis Cloud platform.

Oasis Cloud platform is a lightweight multi-service management platform based on Oasis OS. It has four functions: cloud authentication, cloud application, cloud management and cloud O&M. It is mainly oriented to the business chain and retail industry. It can provide equipment management, precision marketing, network optimization and intelligent O&M for customers' wired and wireless networks. It can also effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve the quality of network operation.

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